Dates: June 27, July 11, & July 18
Time: 12pm-3pm*
Oceanside Harbor between towers 12 & 14
NEW TIME!!! Formerly 10am-2pm


The City of Oceanside has been getting stricter on their permit law that requires organized groups greater than 50 people to have special event permits. We would need a separate permit for each day we go to the beach that would require us to pay a total of nearly $1,000 (potentially even more). Because we do not charge for Beach Studies and because we have a very limited budget for this event, we cannot afford the permit fees and do not want to charge families to use a free beach. We have tried to reason with the city explaining that we do not charge students for our event so we are not profiting off the beach. We have also tried to explain how low key the event is (donuts, game, Bible study, swim). While a city official has commented how strict they are being with us, no one is willing to fully help out and waive the fee.

So, in an effort to be “less organized” and look less like a group, we are rebranding “Beach Studies” as “Beach Days”. No longer will be provide donuts, an organized game, or a Bible study. It will simply be a time to just hangout as a community at the beach and make friends as we swim in the water and play on the sand. We are hoping those that enforce the permit laws will be okay with this. If they still want us to pay a fee, we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

So, in the end, Beach Studies was always about hanging out at the beach during the summer! So have your student come on out to the Harbor and make new friends! Students will need to bring a lunch. TNL will be the best place for them to get their summer Bible study in. Plus, the 7th & 8th grade girls are doing their own added Bible study Tuesdays mornings (ask Kate or Shara about that).

Thanks for being flexible!



Questions? Email Travis