Crave More Presence: A Study Through the Book of Ruth

As we go through life and the frustrations that come with it, we might be tempted to leave the Lord's presence and do things our way. That's what Naomi and her husband did. Unfortunately for them, things didn't get better. However, once Naomi, accompanied by her daughter-in-law Ruth, returned to the Lord's presence, her life turned around. This series is designed to give us a passion for the Lord's presence as we see the goodness and blessings that come from dwelling with him.

Taylor begins a brand new series through the book of Ruth. In this series we are going to find the benefits and the blessings that come when we are in God's presence. Key Passage: Ruth 1
Tessa continues Crave More Presence by asking the question: Whose field are you gleaning in? Take a listen. Key Scripture: Ruth 2
Travis continues our series through Rut hand discusses three things we as junior highers must do before we start dating.
Taylor concludes our series called Crave More Presence where we have been studying through the book of Ruth. This week we look at the similarities between Boaz being Ruth and Naomi's kinsman-redeemer and Jesus being our kinsman-redeemer. Key Passage: Ruth 4