Daniel and his friends were kidnapped from Jerusalem and brought to Babylon, a place that didn't worship God. They probably felt exiled from everyone, but despite this, they still honored God! How do we do this when we feel exiled in a country that doesn't worship God? Watch and find out!

Daniel and his friends were captured and forced to live in Babylon, a world that worshipped foreign Gods and didn't seem to care at all about their one, true God. They felt alone, they felt like they didn't belong, they felt exiled. Growing up in today's world, we as Christians can feel exiled in our society too.
Pastor Trav dives into Daniel 2 where Daniel first interprets the King's dream. Check it out!
Shara continues EXILED by looking at a heated story: Daniel 3! This chapter teaches us as Christians how to live a life set apart from everyone else.
Taylor continues EXILED by looking at the danger of arrogance through Daniel 4.
Garrett Ringlever continues Exiled by reading through Daniel 5.
Scott concludes Exiled by reading through the most popular story in the book of Daniel.