If you've caught your son or daughter watching pornography, the first two things you need to know is that your child is not the worst child ever and you are not the worst parent ever. Many guys (boys and men) and many ladies (girls and women) struggle with some sort of lust or pornography. With this said, lust is a sin and pornography can be very damaging. So if you catch your child, or if they come to you first, follow these steps:

1. Don't Overreact- If you do, they won't want to communicate with you about it again.

2. Talk About It Often- Communication is healthy and accountability is important.

3. Set Strict Rules & Boundaries- Don't allow a computer in their room, monitor usage, password protect computers & video game consoles, don't let them watch sexually explicit TV shows or movies, etc

4. Check In On Them- Check browsing history on Internet, Instagram, Facebook, etc. If all the browsing history is erased, this might be a sign they've been viewing sexually explicit material. Also, remember to talk (see step 2)!

5. Get A Monitoring Program- This is a very important step! Check out these programs and get one ASAP: X3Watch or Covenant Eyes

6. Counseling- When we say counseling, we don't necessarily mean professional help. But talking through struggles with a pastor, director, or small group leader will help with accountability and help your child stop sinning.

Also, without question, you should always be praying for the spiritual formation of your child. If you ever need more advice and guidance, don't be afraid to reach out to our staff. We are always praying for your children!