Slaying Giants

God promised the Israelites a land of abundance, a completely different land than what they had experienced in Egypt. However, they were afraid to receive this abundance because of the giants (armies filled with literal giants) that stood in their way. In a similar fashion, God promises Christians abundance such as joy, peace, purpose, freedom, community, and so much more. However, there are "giants" trying to intimidate us from receiving God's promise. These giants are bitterness, anxiety, greed, and comparison. This series is designed to give us the courage to face and slay these giants so God's promises can come to fruition in our lives.

We thank NewSpring Church for allowing us to use this series and the artwork they designed for it.

Taylor starts off Slaying Giants by trying to get us to understand that Christians are promised an abundance from God, but there are giants trying to get us to run from this promise. Thanks NewSpring Church for the series!
Scott continues Slaying Giants by discussing how greed will try and prevent us from experiencing the abundance God has in store for us! Thanks NewSpring Church for the series.
Travis continues Slaying Giants by talking about the next giant that will try to rob our promised abundance: Christy Comparison. Thanks NewSpring Church for the great series!
Tessa concludes Slaying Giants by talking through anxiety. This giants tries to steal our peace that is promised from God. Thanks NewSpring Church for the series!