Get in the Game

So many churchgoers today hear the Word of God, but don't do anything with it. But James is very clear that we are not just to be hearers of the Word, but we are actually supposed do it (James 1:22) by putting it into practice. This series is designed to encourage us as believers to get out of the crowd and be a part of the church. The church is never in the crowd eating a hotdog and drinking a soda. They are on the field, putting in effort. Christians are supposed to get in the game!

Taylor begins our new series called Get in the Game. This series will challenge us to not be a part of the crowd, but a part of the church who is always down on the field.
Garrett continues Get in the Game by discussing the importance training has before any game. In the same way, we must spiritually discipline ourselves to be successful in our obedience to the Lord.
Travis continues Get in the Game by discussing that Satan, not people, is who we are playing against. Then he talked about how often times people will be in the stands booing us on the field and how we should respond to that.
Just like a good coach, God will constantly push and challenge us. We see this through the story of Peter walking on water. Taylor reads through this story and discusses what our next steps should be.
On Easter weekend, Taylor discusses how you must be a perfect 10/10 morality wise to qualify for Heaven. That leaves us disqualified....unless we know Jesus.
Scott Stafford continues "Get in the game" by discussing our team. We should be surrounding ourselves by good teammates and we should be living as great teammates.
Alexis continues "Get in the Game" by discussing more in depth our rival, Satan. How can we defeat him? Take a listen!