MARCH 15, 2019

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Starving 2 Serve (S2S) is our annual fundraiser where we ask our students to go without food for 30 hours to raise awareness and money to help stop world hunger. The money we raise primarily goes to Outside the Bowl, a soup-kitchen ministry that aims to nourish children physically and spiritually. There are a couple other organizations we support that will benefit from the money raised. In March of 2018, we raised over $113,000!

The way this fundraiser works is students will have over a month to raise money. To further motivate our students, prizes will be given out when students hit specific monetary increments. After raising money for a month, students will start starving for 30 hours. All they are allowed to consume is water, juice, and gum. THAT'S IT! No dessert, or breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If your student would like to join, our staff eats their "last supper" at the Carlsbad and Vista Souplantation locations. Souplantation will even give back a percentage of every meal purchased toward S2S. Then, as the starvation nears it's end, students are invited to North Coast Church to celebrate the fast and to take their minds off of the final 6 hours! At this Celebration (which is also a sleepover), there are games, bounce houses, an Airband competition, worship, and a huge burrito feast at midnight when the 30 hours are up!

This event always has a huge impact on the people Outside the Bowl helps and supports. However, Starving 2 Serve also always has an impact on the individual that participates. On a small scale, participants are able to empathize for just 30 hours what many people in our world have been dealing with for weeks, months, and years.