STEP 1: Read the Student Leader Qualifications. Then have
your parents read them.

10 Qualifications to be a Student Leader

1. You must be a Christian who is living the Christian life who seeks to love God and love others.

2. You need to be teachable and willing to make changes in your personal life. You must be able to be confronted and challenged by other Christians and the Lord.

3. You must be an example of Christian conduct and character at church, school, home, and everywhere you go. This also means showing respect to authority figures. If you have a reputation of being disruptive or causing trouble, Student Leadership is not for you.

4. You must help set a fun, loving, accepting and wisdom-seeking culture at JH78. This means you participate in the games and worship, open your Bible and take notes during talks, and seek to make new people feel included.

5. You must be committed to be at every leadership meeting and service project. Meetings are once a month (normally Friday nights) and we normally have 3-5 service projects throughout the year. If you have a good reason as to why you cannot make a meeting or project, you must tell your director weeks in advance.

6. You must be committed to be at 75% of all JH78 programs (Weekends, TNL, camps, events. etc).

7. You must memorize assigned verses before each meeting.

8. You must maintain a daily (Salt) or weekly (Light) devotional with God. This generally means you must keep a journal to write down things God is teaching you.

9. You must commit from September 2019-May 2020.

10. You must be willing to work hard with humility without complaining even if you are asked to do an undesirable task (picking up trash, cleaning up the bathroom, tearing down event set-ups, stacking chairs, etc). Everyone in Salt and Light will also receive a job to help out our ministry.

STEP 2: Fill out the Application:

STEP 3: Turn in the Student Leadership Reference Form

This form must be completed by your small group leader or other spiritual mentor. It cannot be filled out by your parents or JH78 paid staff member. Click here to get the form. Please turn it in at TNL or the Weekend Services ASAP.

STEP 4: Wait to hear back from us via the email you provided us OR through the mail. 

If you did make the team, our first mandatory meeting will be Friday, September 6 from 6-9pm in the Warehouse. It will cost $5.

Questions? Contact Taylor