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Tournament Series is a month-long themed-competition that replaces TNL for the entire month of October. Four teams will be assigned by school and they will fight it out for a FREE trip to 6 Flags: Magic Mountain.

This year, the self-proclaimed “Mistress of all Evil” Maleficent is the newest bachelorette. She has narrowed her search down to 4 villains: Darth Vader, Voldemort, Joker, and Thanos. This villanous season of the Bachelorette won’t be decided by Maleficent, however, but will be decided by who wins Tournament Series!!

This month is all about inviting your classmates to church, having team spirit, and winning the games! Your free bus ride and park ticket depends on two things: your team winning AND having 3 attendance points. We encourage everyone to come dressed up according to their team/color and invite new classmates or friends every single week. 

Points will be broken down like this:

October 1: 1 point
October 8: 1 point
October 15: 1 point
October 22: 1 point
October 29: 2 points
November 5 (First TNL back): 1 point

Follow 2019’s competition through #TournamentSeries on Instagram!

Find out what team you are on here: