No need to register. Students can show up anytime during Fall Sessions.


Student Ministries Worship Training is a program designed for junior high and high school students to learn, develop, grow and implement skills in musical worship. This program is for anyone in grades 7-12. For some, this will be the first exposure to instruments like guitar, bass or keyboards. Others may come in with outside experience looking for a place to get involved. All skills are welcome! The best part is that it is completely FREE! Our training program takes place in four quarters throughout the year - fall, winter, spring and summer, with each quarter (except for summer) split into two parts - sessions and band labs.


Each quarter starts with Sessions, a 3 or 4 week period of time in which any and all students may come from any skill level and learn the basics of the following instruments: guitar (acoustic and electric), bass guitar, drums, keyboards and vocals. This takes place in a classroom-type setting, and the goal is for everyone to learn the basics of every instrument. This means that drummers will learn how to play guitar, singers will learn keyboards, etc. We are all learning everything together! This does not mean you have to be good at everything, but it does mean that we want you to try everything and you never know…you might actually like it! Students are encouraged to provide an instrument on which to focus, but limited instruments are available for those who do not have one. We cannot promise that there is enough for everyone, so please bring instruments whenever possible. Sessions take place from 4-5:30pm in the High School Nine Ten room on the Vista campus at North Coast Church.

**Please note: This training program should not ever take the place of private, individual paid lessons with a professional. We highly recommend professional lessons to anyone who is serious about playing!**



Band Labs are a five or six-week program that is customized and geared toward individual students while playing in a band setting. Due to the nature of this training, it is not open to everyone. However, we will do our best to include any student who is committed to learning AND able to commit to the times. Some students may not be able to commit to the full five or six-week program due to sports, musical theater, family vacations, etc., and that is completely fine! If you cannot commit to Fall Labs, we will try to get you involved in winter or spring. It is very important that students asked to participate in Labs can commit to the full five or six-week term. During Labs, students will choose an instrument focus and will have an opportunity to play or sing songs in a band. Instructors will give feedback to each student individually, and each week will build on the weeks before. This is why commitment to full attendance is so important. Band Labs will also meet from 4-5:30 on Mondays, and we will send out information about location when that time comes.

2019-2020 SCHEDULE

Fall Quarter (Mondays 4-5:30):
Sessions: 9/16-10/7
Band Labs: 10/14-11/18

Winter Quarter (Mondays 4-5:30pm):
Sessions: 12/2-12/16
Band Labs: 1/6-2/10

Spring Quarter (Mondays 4-5:30pm):
Sessions: 3/2-3/23
Band Labs: 4/6-5/11

Our summer quarter is an open class that focuses on theory - no instruments needed. Dates for summer 2020 are TBD.